Review of “Animal Movie”

Animal” is a movie that many people expected to be great for Indian cinema. The first half is enjoyable with great background music, action scenes and superb acting from Ranbir Kapoor. The story is interesting too. However, the second half of the movie becomes less exciting as the characters have long conversations that were not in the first half. The dialogues, such as the one about the Swastik and Nazi symbols, are very well written and the acting is impressive. Ranbir Kapoor, as Vijay, and Rashmika Mandanna, as Geetanjali play their roles convincingly. Anil Kapoor, as Balbir Singh, is also well casted, but Bobby Deol, as Abrab, has a very small role. Overall, the movie is just mediocre and nothing extraordinary, but it is entertaining. It portrays the relationships of family members and their love in a raw manner. The director, Vanga, has some different views about women that can be seen in Kabir Singh and is always misogynistic.

DUNKI” is one of the greatest films I’ve ever seen. From its emotions felt and its reality shown, this is a masterpiece. It shows the actual world of how immigrants are treated, and portrays it very well. I love the acting in this, so though out and nicely done. Another one of srk’s films that make me entertained and relaxed. I loved this entire movie, the laughs I had from this is just too many to think about. It’s hilarious, fun, and a good family watch. It also has heartfelt moments that make your eyes tear up. Overall, this is amazing and I’ll forever support Rajkumar Hirani’s filmmaking. So incredible and remarkable. This film will keep you going and more interested for more. I highly recommend it for any family watch, any person that likes emotional/funny films and most importantly the reality kind of films that really show how it is and the way the world portrays us as. Such a fantastic film released for us. Srk has done it once again, made me surely proud with his work of art and his acting. I can tell you as a fellow watcher, this is so much better than his other past films in 2023. This one really hit it for me. Srk Always knows how to reach the audiences interest and get them into the film. Incredible work to the whole cast, and for the other actor shown Vicky Kaushal. All acted so good and it’s one of those films that you want to watch again and again, especially the trailer! It’s the type of movie you wish you forgot about it and rewatch the whole thing as it excites many like me. Again, brilliant and amazing film. Not only was the film phenomenal, but its songs was phenomenal as well. So joyful and lively. It really makes you want to dance out just as the other films srk does in. Deserves more than 5 stars if I could give it more. I absolutely loved it and will be waiting for more of srks upcoming films.

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