YZ Awards has come up with a Hatke Attitude

YZ Film has started a unique way to celebrate YZGiri in a unique way.

Audience who wish to be a part of it can with respect to their craziness and passion for any art, hobby, research or social work.

It has been decided that 10 winners will be chosen by the jury panel and awards will be given on 12 Aug during the release of the film.

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The makers of the film YZ, Sanjay Chhabriya of Everest Entertainment and Anish Jog of Pratisaad Productions have decided that the awards will not only be given this year but every year starting from this year.

Interested individuals of organisations can send their applications from 15 July to 28 July on [email protected]

Or else they can like YZ’s facebook fan page, link is and message their photographs and other documentations of their passion.

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