Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: OMG! Shagun Challenges Ishita

In the popular Television Serial ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’, Ishita finally finds Shagun’s secret and the secret is, she get to know that Shagun is behind her kidnapping.

Knowing this Ishita gets so much disappointment and regrets that she forced Mani to get married to Shagun.

Ishita even tries to stop the marriage but all her efforts go in vain. At last she meets Abhishek who is also suspicious about Shagun.

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Both rush to the court but by then Shagun and Mani’s marriage would be over.

When Ishita reveals the secret that Shagun is behind her kidnapping, Raman didn’t believe her and it hurts Ishita to the greatest extent.

On the other hand Pihu goes missing, and the entire family is worried for her.

Actually Shagun got success in brainwashing Pihu and tells Pihu not to come to the court as the ‘Bhalla’ family wants to separate her from Pihu.

Adi decides to find the truth how the small kid Pihu could take a Taxi and reach Mani’s house.

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