Wow! Watch this Leaked Photo of Salman Khan!


Wait until you check out this LEAKED poster of the film that has just made its way to the internet. Yes! It has an intriguing picture of Salman with ‘Sultan-Eid 2016′ written all over him. Isn’t that one sexy shot?

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Although it’s very unlikely to be an official one considering it looks pretty fan-made. But the fact that Salman’s brother Atul Agnihotri shared this on Twitter saying “SK” is making us speculate if this was one of the working posters of Sultan which never released? Like you never know right? Yes! I know I’m sounding like this die-hard fan of Salman right now. But like I told you, Sultan is indeed turning out to be this exciting and we really wouldn’t be surprised if the film turns out to be Salman’s career best performance.