Wow: Salman Khan Goes Hiking and took a pic on the top of a cliff


Isn’t this picture just wonderful and so daring? Salman Khan standing right on top of the world!

Salman Khan, is now 50 years old but he refuses to believe it. The actor, is as fit and adventurous as a man in his twenties, and does things that even youngsters find it hard to do. There is nothing that can stop Salman Khan from not being young, free and fit.

It’s good to see Salman Khan maintaining a good ‘work-life’ balance, and he gives time for both personal & professional things simultaneously. This keeps the actor’s mind and body fresh, so he can continue working for his upcoming flick, Sultan without any fatigue.

Just a few months ago, Salman Khan had reported that he suffers from multiple body pains, as the work-out regime for Sultan, is too severe and too much to bare. However, Salman, is now relaxing by taking regular breaks from Sultan, and going on his own expedition of joyful moments.