Work begins in G.One- the sequel to Ra.One of Shah Rukh Khan
Last December, Bollywood King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan was planning to make the sequel of 2011 flick Ra.One, and now reports are coming that the work on G.One, the sequel to Ra.One has already begun.

It as sad to notice that Ra.One couldn’t come up to the expectation of the audience, but now Shah Rukh Khan hopes that it will not repeat in the sequel.

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In an exclusive report to Hindustan Times, Shah Rukh Khan said, “It wasn’t bad business-wise. We did huge numbers — including the biggest weekend, if I’m not wrong.

The release was also fantastic. I was a little taken aback by the negativity that ensued. It was strange.”

The sketch is getting ready under the VFX Team headed by Hingorani and Keitan Yadav, and the team is making sketches of SRK’s character G.One and are working on how to make it better.

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