Woow! Rani Mukerji is preparing for her baby shower!

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On this special occasion celebrated in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, the expecting mother is pampered with her favourite foods. New clothes and gifts are also given to the mother-to-be. The idea is to keep the mother happy and surround her with positive vibes. This will be combined with godh bharai (fill the lap with abundance) or North Indian baby shower which is celebrated during pregnancy to welcome the unborn baby to the family and bless the mother-to-be and put gifts, fruits and sweets on her lap. Rani will be wearing a traditional Bengali silk saree for the ceremony. A puja will be performed before the festivities begin.

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Says a source, “Rani is very traditional. Even when she got married in Switzerland it was in the traditional Bengali way with shankha (made of conch shells), sindoor and pola (bangles made of red corals). A pandit was flown in from India. And she wants the baby shower to be traditional as well. Only hitch is, Rani is not stepping out now, so the ceremony might be held at her and Adi’s bungalow. It is a women-only ritual.”