Wish Of Bipasha-Salman Should Not Marry As His Girl Fans Will Be Sad


Bipasha Basu has already tied the knot with Karan Singh Grover on Saturday night. With this superstar Salman Khan also reached to wish the newly married couple. Karan with Salman Khan and Bipasha gave a awesome pose infront of the media.

When Bipasha was asked what is her wish for Salman? She replied,”When i will go Honeymoon with Karan, i wish Salman to accompany with us. Salman should not marry as if he will marry then many girls in India and world will feel sad as he is the most desired man.”

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She added, “If Salman Wish to get married he can, but i wish him to be happy always, as i am his friend.”

When Salman was asked about what he feels about the couple, he replied, “I wish the marriage should continue and the couple should love each other.”