Why is Shah Rukh Khan the richest actor in Bollywood film industry?


There are so many reasons to describe why Shah Rukh Khan is popularly said as the Badshah of Bollywood and why he is the richest actor.

Many people have many opinions but today we bring some of the best answers that will altogether clear the air..

Social Networking site Quora has lots of people that have some of the best answers that you must read to know better:

1.Shahrukh Khan has a popularity more than even Obama.

2.He charges a hefty amount for each movie.

3.Almost every of his movie do good business(critics regarded RaOne as flop, but it still managed to gain 140 cr business)

4.Moreover, he has various brand endorsements, TV show hosting deals which help me make more money.


1.1. Further, belonging to a lower middle class family he knows the value of money so he invests it in good business-
1.2. Red Chillies Entertainment
1.3. Kolkata Knight Riders, this both are top profit generating businesses in their scenario of operation.
1.4. He also knows how to earn money, whether it be dancing at parties, going on world tours etc.

While if you take Salman Khan, Tom Cruise or Aamir Khan they don’t have as much brand endorsments combined as SRK alone has.

Moreover his films are a hit worldwide(A Salman movie may do well in india, but not that so great abroad, same aplies with Aamir. On the other hand Cruise may earn a good value from his money but not as much as SRK as he has a share in profits too)

1.He is the only Indian ever to receive UNESCO award for charity.

2.He is a silent charity maker ! This is what he had to say about charity- “I don’t like talking about it [charity]. A lot of people and my friends always tell me I should do photographs and stuff when I meet some people. But I don’t believe in it. It is a true thing that if I believe in a cause, I should do it silently and not use my persona as an actor to advocate that.”

3.During Ra.One’s premiere in Dubai in October 2011, SRK along with co-stars Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal held a high-profile dinner and charity auction, which raised AED 30,000 (approximately US$8,200) for building a workshop for children with special needs.

4.SRK has been brand ambassador of various governmental campaigns throughout the years, notably those of Pulse Polio immunisation campaign which was established in 1995 to eradicate poliomyelitis in India by vaccinating all children under the age of five years against the polio virus, the National AIDS Control Organisation etc to name a few.

5.He donated 15Cr to cancer Patients.