Why in many aspects Hollywood is Better than Bollywood?


If we look at the scenario of Hollywood Vs Bollywood then we will find that there are so many things that differentiates Hollywood from Bollywood although Bollywood produces the most number of films in the world.

Here are some of the main critical factors that actually make a big difference between the two big film industries in the world.

1.Audience:- The audience in India is at fault to a great extent. My father told me about the incident that happened when he went to see a movie called Swades. An excellent film with Shah rukh Khan as the protagonist playing a NASA Scientist who visits a village in India where he grew up.At the end he helps the villagers by bringing electricity into their village and there is a scene where a light bulb in an old women’s hut finally glows brightly. At that point of time someone in the theatre shouted,”Arey char ghante barbad kar diye iska dus rupaye ka light bulb jalte dekhne ke liye.”

2.Genres:- In Hollywood, films of different genres are made and appreciated but when it comes to Bollywood, half the films are of the masala genre( Rituals of song and dance and hero and villain mouthing dialogues in The Rock and John Cena style).

3.Actors :- If Hollywood has a Morgan Freeman then we have Amitabh Bachchan but then the other actors in Hollywood are self made people with a lot of talent whereas, in Bollywood it’s more of a family business. Salman Khan has a great personality but when it comes to acting he thinks it is as equivalent to rubbing his nose with his thumb.

4.Originality:- Hollywood script writers have a habit of bringing something new to the films. Whereas, most of the Bollywood scripts are copied…uhh sorry inspired by Tamil and English films.

5.The terrible trio:- Shirish kunder(director of joker),Farah Khan(director of happy new year, Tees Maar Khan,etc.) and Sajid Khan(let’s not mention his films).These people are gold medallists in direction from IIN. Hollywood Doesn’t have directors to take their audiences for granted to the extent that these 3 people do.

6.The Language Barrier:- English is the most widely spoken language in the world. So it is pretty easy to understand a Hollywood film for the international audience. Whereas, Bollywood films would require dubbing.For a good Bollywood film, half of it’s importance is lost in dubbing, especially if it is a comedy film. From an international audiences point of view the decision is pretty simple.

7.Market and budget:-Because Hollywood has a bigger market than Bollywood. So they can have big budget films and yet expect to earn huge profits.The quality of films they make is easily visible. Avengers: Age of Ultron had a budget of about $250 million so it is obviously going to be a better action film than a film like Krrish 3 which had a budget of around $25 million.