Why Audience are obsessed with actresses’ navels in South Film Industry?


In almost all the South Indian Films, the actresses navels are the main source of attraction as the audience don’t care of facial looks.

And also in our ancient books it is also written that navel is the most important part of women’s body and also it reveals the sexiness of women.

90% of the target audience of the south Indian movies have no care if the leading lady can act. There are other actresses who are known for their acting. But imported leading ladies serve one main purpose, that is to draw the crowds to the theatres.

These posters are a sure fire way of pulling people into the cinemas. Keeping them there is a whole other story, but getting them to be there in the first place is all what this is about. That’s the whole deal with the navel fixation.

Of course, looking at it from the common film audience’s point of view, navel shows are very attractive. In a highly conservative society, any censor-allowed skin is welcome. Needless to mention that the navel is the only body part that can be innocently sexualized.