When India Beat Pakistan, Fawad Khan Wanted to Break TV Sets


While Bollywood was busy enjoying and ringing in the triumphant victory of the Indian team over their arch rivals, one Bollywood actor must have been really angry at the way Pakistan played. Fawad Khan! His last film released this Friday and he’s received the maximum praises from all corners of the world.

But when it comes to cricket, Fawad is a self confessed fanatic. He narrates an incident which gives ample evidence of his obsession over the sport. Fawad tells us, “I am mad about cricket. I don’t miss the matches and India versus Pakistan match is something that I am always very excited about, like everyone.” But there was once occasion which got the better of him. “It was the 1992 World Cup and the way Pakistan lost to India left me infuriated. I was so angry that I was almost going to break the TV sets. It was that bad that time. Then, my dad realised that it’s not helping me too much so yes, from there onwards I haven’t taken it that seriously.”