What Salman Khan told on sex scenes in Hate Story-3, Have a look

Ask him if there’s any other genre of films that he wants to explore like horror-comedy or a sex comedy, and he says he would like to stick to nice, romantic and family films. “I will do anything that will justify the ticket price that a fan pays to watch the film, whether it is 500 on weekends or150 on weekdays. A person should come out of the theatre saying the film is superb and not feel paise barbaad ho gaye. I need that larger film and am going to be very careful about what I sign now.”


He, however, adds that all genres of films are good. “People should do films that attract the audience. Like Hate Story 3 which has two girls I have worked with — Daisy Shah and Zarine Khan — playing the lead roles. It has music and yes, there will be some steamy scenes, here and there, but as long as it is getting an ‘A’ certificate, it’s fine. If having all these things it does not get an ‘A’, it’s messed up.”

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