What Salim Khan Had To Say On Salman Khan’s Marriage With Lulia Vantur?



Rumours are flying high that Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan has decided that Salman must marry before the end of 2016. Moreover he wants Salman to settle down with his current romanian girlfriend Lulia Vantur as soon as possible.

To the media Salim Khan said, “It’s Salman’s choice – whenever he wants to marry or not marry. I have never influenced my children, neither have I approved their choice. This is a family that never insults anybody, leave aside giving them orders. It’s a big responsibility – kal ko shaadi mein gadbad ho jaaye toh aake mujhe bolenge ki aap hi ne kaha tha shaadi karne (laughs).”

When Salim Khan was asked that Salman Khan didn’t want to get married, to this Salim Khan replied in this way, “Nahi, nahi, aisa kuch nahi. He will marry when he wants to marry. You know today’s kids – they will marry according to their choice. Now, when I go for walks, people come to me and say, “Kara do abhi Salman ki shaadi.” And I say, “Abhi toh thodi der ho gayi, koi milegi nahin.”

Salman Khan & Lulia Vantur:


And when Salim Khan was asked whether he wish Salman to marry Lulia Vantur, he replied, “Nahin, maine kisise bhi nahi kaha ki shaadi kar lo.

Salman will marry who he wants to. Arbaaz married a girl of his own choice, Sohail married a girl of his choice, I married twice out of my own choice. So he will also do that. Jisse karna chahega, karega. It’s his choice. I leave it up to him.

It’s not just me. Parents should not insist on who their kids should marry. You raise them, you educate them so that they grow up and think for themselves and plan for themselves. And when they are grown up and think for themselves and bring a girl of their choice, then you can’t say no to that and you can’t impose your decision on them. Because then you’re contradicting all that you raised him to be. I shall accept his choice.”