What Pulkit Samrat was doing at Salman Khan’s Eid Party?

At the recent Eid party at Salman Khan ‘s Bunglow, so many Bollywood celebs were invited and Shweta Rohira who is Salman Khan’s ‘Rakhi Sister’ was also there.

This was the moment when Pulkit Samratand Shweta Rohira came face to face but Shweta completly ignored him. Click Here for Latest Bollywood News

Reports suggests that Pulkit is trying his level best to keep good terms with Salman Khan despite his split with Shweta Rohira, though both Puklit and Shweta haven’t filed for divorce yet.

Pulkit wished Salman Khan and started his conversation with Randeep Hooda, while Shweta Rohira complelty cornered him.

In the mean time, when Pulkit was asked whether the miscarriage of Shweta was the reason of their split, Pulkit rubbished the allegation made by Shweta saying it happened 4 years ago and both were extremely depressed with this.

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According to reports, “Late that night, Pulkit landed up at Galaxy Apartments to wish Salman. After exchanging pleasantries with him, he struck a conversation with Randeep Hooda, who was also present there.”

“Salman realised that the two were there, but felt it was not the right time or day to say anything,” the source added.

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