What most of the women fantasize about strangers for having Sex?


It is a common notion that every women feels shame to reveal to others but it is a true fact that many women fantasize about strangers of having sex with them.

Keep in mind that fantasies are a normal and healthy part of our sexuality. They are either taken from past experiences or may even be entirely imaginary. Sometimes these fantasies are taboo, or socially unacceptable, therefore they are only available through fantasy.

Here are the common things that comes to the mind of many women in their fantasy:

1.Dominate over the man with whom women indulge in sex.


Many women have the wish to dominate over their man or with whom they are indulged in sexual intercourse.. some creative ideas started roaming in their minds and here are some:

a> ordering him to perform certain sexual acts.
b> making him beg for what he wants.
c> spanking him.
d> having him suck on their stiletto heels.

2.Wish to be sexually vicious.


Many women would agree to the fact that they wish to be the master on bed and give instruction to their men.. for example a girl named Denise said, “It depends. In some fantasies I obey, yet in others I fight him and refuse to do anything he says until he finally ties me to the bed and calms me with his rhythmic penetration.”

3.Watch me in act with another woman.


Yes, its true, many women wish to do sexual act with another woman infront of their male partner.. “The idea of touching another soft, hairless body and softly sucking her tongue, amongst other things, seems very erotic.”

4.Spoiled by two..


Like many men wish to get spoiled by two women riding on his body, many women also feels the same that two men are eating and touching her whole body in different angles.

One of the most interesting statements regarding two men was having one penetrate her while the other licked her clitoris. It sounds virtually impossible.

5.Strangers at night to ride on them.


Many women fantacise while at sleep in the night that some stranger would come and ride all over her body. “The idea of sharing a passionate night with a stranger and behaving like a sexual predator doesn’t just sound inviting; it sounds delicious. And leaving after we’re done without even knowing each other’s names is the best part.”