What Experts Opinion On SRK’s Decision for ‘Raees’ to be released in 2017-Take a look



According to the decision taken by Shah Rukh Khan for Raees to be release in Jan 26 2017, experts have said that its a good decision to do so. Experts believe that it is a benificial decision made by Shah Rukh Khan.

Famous Trade expert, Akshay Rathi feels it certainly is a good decision. “When stakes are so high and there are cordial equations between Shah Rukh and Salman or more importantly, SRK and Aditya Chopra, it’s a gracious gesture to allow each other their space. It will benefit both the film and give them maximum potential in sharing screen space.”

According to him, “Eid is particularly an interesting period for both the film. If you notice, both of them play Muslim characters in their films. The kind of action that there is in Raees, it would have been a phenomenal date for the film had they decided to not move. Having said that, the cinema infrastructure in India to accommodate two films which are as mammoth as these with superstars who are equally big, will chip some business off each other. In ideal case scenario for optimum business it is good that both come on different national holidays. But honestly, even if both the film come together, they will do what they deserve to do.”

Although experts have given their opinion, lets wait for the film and till now nothing has been confirmed yet about the exact date of the release date of Raees.