Wendy told on how her second child was conceived


Snooki to Wendy Williams on how her second child was conceived … and if that visual wasn’t bad enough, she actually demonstrated how she straddled husband Jionni Lavalle while he was driving. Good grief.
To cleanse our palates from that extremely disturbing — and frankly, dangerous — imagery, how about this: let’s talk about how Snooki claims she once snubbed Usher in a club, ’cause she didn’t know who he was:
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“I was in L.A., filming ‘Jersey Shore’, and I was at the club with the girls, and this guy comes up to me and starts talking to me and I’m like ‘No, just go, I’m not into it’, didn’t even look at him.
And my friend comes up to me like ‘Do you know who the hell that is’, and they’re like ‘Usher’. So I literally ran outside like ‘Usher! Usher!’ and I go upstairs and I’m like ‘You have Usher’s number, I want to sleep with him.'”
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Later, she talks about hooking up with Jenna Dewan Tatum … saying that Channing is OK, but she’d rather his wife.

There you have it, folks — you can take the girl out of “Jersey Shore,” but you can’t take “Jersey Shore” out of the girl.

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