Watch Video: Poonam Pandey launched trailer of Adult short movie


The hot and sexy controversy queen Poonam Pandey has launched the trailer of her adult short movie at a press conference in Mumbai yesterday.

The adult film titled as ‘The Weekend‘ is specially for mobile users. Directed by Aryan Singh and co-produced by Poonam with Suresh Nakum under the banner The World Networks.

In a statement Poonam said, “‘The Weekend’ will be India’s first adult movie for mobile lovers. It is a short film which is not rated or certified by CBFC, making it quite extraordinary and fascinating. Also, it is a first white-labelled web-portal with telecom operator billing with its exceptional worth.”

“It has been an amazing experience working in this erotic thriller. In fact, I can term it as one of the scariest ones as well. Certain things happened during the shoot that scared me,” she added.