Watch Video: Great Khali Took Revenge by Beating Brody with a Metal Pipe!

Earlier it was a news that stormed the entire nation when famous American Wrestler  Brody Steele had stormed into the Great Khali’s Academy in Jalandhar, causing enough damage to the academy.

Moreover many of the students of Khali were injured and even Brody Steele and team injured Khali’s younger brother, Surender Rana causing heavy anger to Great Khali.

To take revenge Khali stormed into the hotel holding a steel pipe where Brody and his team were staying in hotel in Panipat.

Seen beating up Steele, the video of the incident has gone widely viral and after this incident Brody has threatened Khali and we will see both the wrestlers in the ring in a mach to be held on the 12th of October.