Was Pratyusha Banerjee Murdered?


Pratyusha Banerjee is no more but all her friends and colleagues are not accepting that she did suicide, they believe it as a part of well planned conspiracy or murder. One of her colleague revealed to the media that she had suffered wounds on her nose and face. It is raising so many questions that is it a murder or a suicide. Its a very difficult time for Pratyusha Banerjee’s parents as she was the only daughter.

In her funeral Pratyusha was bid a tearful farewell by family and friends. Pratyusha wanted to get married, that is the reason why she had ordered a red bridal lehenga. Pratyusha

was worn that bridal lehenga during her funeral. Now Pratyusha’s boyfriend is in hospital as he is suffering from chest pain and high depression.

See Her Funeral Pics:

Many theories are coming forward according to the statements of different people. According to some of her friends, the relationship of Pratyusha and Rahul was in such a state that raise the tide in her life that ultimately led to her suicide. And some say that she was going through heavy bank loans, she was earning crores but very little was coming to her hands. Another news is that there were most of the times physical fight between Pratyusha and her boyfriend Rahul as a result of which Pratyusha became very weak from inside.

The flat where Pratyusha and Rahul were shifted 1.5 months back, the guard of that building also said to the media that usuallt there were fights between the two. According to her colleague Ajaz Khan its a murder and not a suicide. Ajaz said, “Its a Planned murder”.

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