Vir Das turns CHOTIA for Sunny Leone’s sex comedy!


Sunny Leone wrote a triumphant tweet that the film Mastizaade that has been passed with an A. In another world, an A is given to the most meritorious student but in cinematic lingo, it means some people won’t be able to watch Sunny Leone!


Anyway, the chaos made us wonder what was so outrageously wrong with the film that the Board decided to not certify it. Now we know! First, sexy Sunny’s nerdy and saucy poster with her in double role made us go ahem ahem…now, it’s Vir Das turn to be Chotia! Relax, that’s his name and that’s what the new poster says!

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The picture has Vir holding a big rocket in between his legs with a bright smile on his face while the words on the picture read, “Aditya Chotia, Rocket in his pocket.”

If we hadn’t known better, many would have thought it takes a dig at a few influential people from the industry and things would have been weird. But we feel that’s not the case here.

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