Veerappan was trying to abduct Rajinikanth, reveals Ram Gopal Varma



It was one of the darkest times of Kannada cinema when superstar Raj Kumar was kidnapped by the notorious Veerappan.

Is that killer dacoit could have lived longer he surely would have abducted Megstar Rajinikanth, reveals Ram Gopal Varma. He got to know about this notorious plot from sources very close to Veerappan.

He even swears by the authenticity of the news and in his film that depicts the character and the notorious killer activities of Veerappan, there is a scene where Veerappan was doing a masterplan to kidnap and kill Rajinikanth.

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Talking to the media Ram Gopal Varma said, “From all the truth I gathered Veerappan was unbelievable,but what is even more unbelievable is the drama which went behind the plan to kill him.”