Vedalam quick movie review

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Sreeju says, “Vedalam is Ajith’s Diwali gift for his fans. So it has everything his fans can expect from the superstar – brilliant one liners, clap-worthy action sequences and comic scenes to rope in family audiences. And Ajith doesn’t disappoint at all as he is the sole reason why this film with no novel story to tell, works big time. Though he was a relatively tame entry in the film, he owns every scene he is in.


He plays a taxi driver who comes to Kolkata with his little sister, played by Lakshmi Menon. He also turns informer for police which brings him.under

fire from a trio of villainous brothers. One of the brothers identify him as the informer, and gets hold of the hero. But little did they realise that he is not just an ordinary person. And every villain he crosses with pay with their lives for that mistake! ”

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His transforming scene will certainly draw ceetees! However the plot is has nothing new for the actor to perform extraordinarily. Also the director could have tone down the comic sequences, as most of the gags don’t work. Shruti Haasan is only there for songs and a few unfunny scenes.

But then you have Ajith so all is forgiven.

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