Varun Dhawan reveals why he is silent over relationship with Natasha


Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan is one of the actors in the film industry who has always kept silence over her personal matters to media and has never revealed anything.

Recently in an exclusive interview with DNA, Varun said, “Because it’s something very private to me. I don’t like talking about it. Some things I feel like talking about and some things I don’t. I don’t feel any reason to explain that part of my life to anyone. That is it.”

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Varun has currently no plans to get married, when he was asked about it he said, “Not at the moment.

There’s too much work at the moment to enjoy that aspect of my life. With every celeb, it’s now boring to read about my linkups.”

Varun Dhawan‘s upcoming film ‘Dishoom’ will hit the theatres on July 29.