Varun Dhawan: Hollywood films will never take over Bollywood



The latest Hollywood film ‘Captain America’ dubbed Hindi version is under target by Varun Dhawan when he expressed his opinion at the launch of a figurine of ‘Captain America’ in Mumbai.

In an exlusive interview with the, when Varun was asked whether Hollywood films will take over Bollywood films, he said, “Hollywood will never take over Bollywood. Our Hindi film industry is original in its own sense and we have great talented people here. We will always survive. Artist will always have a voice in a country like India. I don’t think they (Hollywood) will take over us.”

He added, “Jungle book’ is more of an Indian story and audience connected well with it. Indian audience today wants better cinema and better visual effects. I recently saw ‘Fan’ and thought it had some amazing VFX,” when asked about ‘The Jungle Book”
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