US apologises to Shah Rukh Khan for detaining him at LA airport


Today the US Department of State apologised to Bollywood King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan for detaining him at the Los Angeles Airport for hours.

Nisha Biswal, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, US Department of State, replied to the tweet of Shah Rukh Khan, apologising for the inconvenience that SRK suffered.

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Earlier when Shah Rukh Khan was made to wait at the US Airports, he expressed his displeasure saying that it “sucked” to be detained at the US immigration every time.

He tweeted, “Time to give @cbp officers better computers and advise them to check on individuals with other branches of US govt.”

In the year 2012 when Shah Rukh Khan went to the US to address the students of Yale University, that time also he was detained for almost 2 hours by the immigration officer.

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