‘Tubelight’ Actress Zhu Zhu won’t shoot in Manali and this is the reason why

zhu-zhumanali-tubelightWe all know that Salman Khan is currently shooting for Kabir Khan’s next film in Manali and we have already seen a lot of pics from the shoot locations.

But we haven’t seen the lead actress Zhu Zhu in any of the recent pics and you might be thinking why is it so.

We got some pics of Zhu Zhu on her Instagram account that showed that she isn’t currently in Manali and it is confirmed that she will shoot for the film in the later half.

#酥油 #butterlamp in the making. #酥油的中秋 ❤️🙏

A photo posted by Zhu Zhu (@zhuzhuclubheaven) on

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