Travis Scott, 23, is going hard for Rihanna


Travis Scott, 23, is going hard for Rihanna, 27. The “Maria I’m Drunk” rapper knows RiRi’s had some heartache in the past, mainly at the hands of Chris Brown, 26, and Drake, 28, which is why he’s attempting to show her a different side than what she’s used to. He wants to show her he’s not a player like her exes, is EXCLUSIVELY reporting.


All Travis wants is a fair chance to love Rihanna. We’re told he feels the deck is stacked against him because in the back of his mind, she’s always going to treat him like he’s Breezy or Drake.
“He really digs her and doesn’t want her to ever think he’s another player,” a source close to Travis explained EXCLUSIVELY to “He wants her to leave all that relationship bullsh** she’s dealt with in the past, and open up her future and go on a journey with him,” the source added. “He’s doing the little things to show her that he cares.”


Rihanna might want rethink her relationship with Travis and consider giving the man an authentic chance. As previously reported, Travis thinks he’s found the golden ticket in Rihanna. He’s so smitten with the pop star thatdating her makes him feel like a million bucks! “He won the lottery!” another source explained EXCLUSIVELY to
“She is a cool chick who is talented, and is amazingly fun and a machine when it comes to being sexual. What isn’t there to like?”

Now it’s your turn to sound off, HollywoodLifers. Tell us what you think. Should Rihanna lighten up and give Travis an unbiased shot at winning her heart?

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