Top 6 Best Sex Positions that Will Blow Your Mind


Physically satisfying your partner on the bed is quite difficult specially for the men as after one round they are completly exhausted, but don’t worry we have the most fantastic tips that every men should do while having sex.

As per Kamasutra, you can spice up your sexual life, below are the top 10 tips, take a look:
1.Reverse Missionary Position

As per the latest research by Debby Herbenick, PhD, a sexual health educator at the Kinsey Institute, “Some women love being on top so they can feel seductive.”

Alternatively women can rub their breast over the chest of their men, so that they can get maximum pleasure.

2.Hip Hugger Position

With this you can have maximum control over your hottie as well as you can give the maximum thrust for full penetration, this will surely enhance the climax as well as it will raise up the stimulation.

3.Spooning is the best way

Raise your top leg and take it slow. “When men have trouble getting or staying inside you, they think they’re too small,” but remember, specially women we are saying this guide your partner in this.

4.Hip Flex-er Position

As per the guidelines of Herbenick, “Raise your hips and control the movement, go deeper or more shallow. Feel your front, back, or side walls. Try thrusting or grinding.”

5.On His Lap — Facing Away Postion

Herbenick says, “You’ll both have free hands to stimulate each other, this position feels fun and young and sexy.”

6.Knees To Chest Position

“Some things are fun but not orgasmic, you have tight hip flexors or hamstrings, go easy and if dryness is an issue, try a water-based lubricant.”