Top 10 Reasons Why Men are Obsessed with Big Boobs

Usually men takes a lot of interest in women’s breast, whatever and how many he has seen but there is always a craze to see how it will be inside of any stranger if at all he see the cleavage.

Here are the top 10 Reasons why men are usually obsessed with women’s boobs, take a look:
1.They make a man fixate, double-take and lose our trains of thought.

In biological point of view its normal for a man as he always admire a girl with big breast and while doing conversation, most of the time he watches at the upper portion of the girl and girls are well aware of that, they very well know what the guy is doing but mostly they keep silence.

In many countries of America, women generally wear a top without a bra just to attarct the attention of men and it is their general tendency to distract a handsome guy.
2.Men try to find out what they look like and try to gather enough data to have a pretty good sense of what’s there.

Usually men have the tendency to figure out the size of a women’s breast and mostly try their level best to gather enough data how it would look from inside the clothes.
3.Men think the more stuffed, the more I like them.

Men usually like breats that are firm and stuffed and not loose, and it has been seen specially in North and South American countries that women generally prefers to have breast implants.
4.Men’s fascination with breasts is also due to the visible dominance of breasts.

Large breasted women are often categorized by men as dumb, and they are often visualized as easy to seduce and more sexual in bed than small breasted women.
5.Playboy has maintained its image by publishing nude photos of young women with either big breasts or perfect breasts.

The ongoing demand for breast implants, despite the risks the procedure entails, makes it clear that today’s ideal is still a Playboy centerfold or a Barbie doll figure–both top heavy and lusted after by men.
6. Breasts have been celebrated, admired and envied throughout the ages.

In ancient Egypt, women adorned their breasts with primitive paintings and added perfumes to attract the opposite sex. They also kept their breasts bare so that they could frequently suckle their babies.
7.Clothes tightened and breasts were once again flaunted to the delight of every red-blooded man.

It was during the Renaissance period that the corset was born. Breasts were pushed up, pushed together and molded into firm protruding decorations of desire that emphasized breasts to the max.
8.In the 17th Century large breasts were the symbol of both erotica and productivity.

In the 19th Century in America, female slaves were displayed bare breasted as they were put up for auction. Men judged their worth by the size and firmness of their breasts.
9.The majority of men say their definition of the perfect breasts is a perky 36D, firm but not too firm, bouncy, not too far apart, long nipples, slight hang, medium-size areola, not took dark, and more than a handful.

They want to be able to bury their head in soft, warm flesh that jiggles when it moves.
10.Touching a girl’s breast for the first time can be an initiation into adulthood for some boys.

This can lead to lifelong obsession and perpetual preoccupation for many men. They hunger for women with large breasts and often become obsessed with them.