Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities You Must think 100 Times before Travelling to

These 10 cities are amongst the most dangerous cities in the world and we would like to tell our fellow readers that before travelling to these places think 100 times as you have to take care of yourself as well as your family.

Here is the list of 10 most dangerous places in the world that you must know.

10.Cape Town, South Africa


This city despite being considered as the most popular tourist destination in the African continent, still the society is very volatile.

The past of this city was full of disaster and there is continous fight between the black and the white, crime rate here is alarmingprone to gang fighting and robbery attacks.

Before visiting this city keep something with you for your safety.
9.San Pedro Sula, Honduras


Honduras is considered one of the cheapest countries to travel to, but you must avoid to stay longer at San Pedro Sula as it is prone to gangs and violence, drug, arms and people trafficking, corruption, although it is not a war zone.

It is called the ‘murder capital of the world.’ Sand Pedro Sula has the highest murder rate per capita.