This Man Eats a Lizard Daily, Already Made His Body Poisonous


It has been since 13 years this man is needs a lizard to eat on daily basis and with that he has made his body poisonous.

His family, neighbours and relatives are very upset of his unnatural habit. Mathuralal, currently aged 28 years old has been habituated to eat a lizard daily, and without it he looses his patience.

Whenever he goes outside, in the temples and trees he search for lizards, his father said that even scorpio bites him he survives easily as his blood has already been poisonous.

28 years old Mathuralal said that once a dog and her puppy were shouting at him and he got anger and bite the two dogs and claimed that within an hour both will die and same thing happened.

He said that he has never tasted any snakes but would like to have someday. This kind of unnatural persons arn’t common in foregin countries but there are some tribes in India who consume snake venome and nothing happen to them.

They are mostly snake charmers and in the state of Chattisgarh, India, a tribe group comrising of men and women consume venomous snake poison for their survival.

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