This is the real reason behind Amala Paul’s divorce

The speculation of alleged split between Tollywood actress Amala Paul and her director husband AL Vijay is a buzz in the film industry.

Rumours that the couple have decided to end their two years married life due to the pressure from Vijay’s family, earlier all was well between the two.

As per reports suggests, Vijay’s family is forcing Amala to quit films, but Alama is not at all want this to happen.

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Before marriage with Vijay, Amala had promised to quit films, but she didn’t do that, and Vijay’s father lashed out at Amala saying that she didn’t keep her promise.

Rumours of Amala’s linking up with her co-stars also started a gossip, but as Vijay is so supportive that he ignored that, but Vijay’s family consistently pressured her with implicating questions about her career and personal life.

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