This is how Shah Rukh Khan got his first break in Bollywood

The ‘Badshah’ of Bollywood film industry Shah Rukh Khan on many actresses and girls go crazy over him. He is the most down to earth person in the industry as it is always seen when he intaracts with his fans and other stars and actresses.

Shah Rukh Khan was not born in a rich family rather in a middle class family just like most of the Indian Families. His first job was a Cinema Ticket seller and his first income was Rs 50/-, this is indeed the most memorable part of SRK’s life.

And now have a look at his fortune, from Rs 50 he is now earning Rs 50 Crore per movie, but he couldn’t get it in a easy way rather he struggled the hardest.

Shah Rukh Khan’s first crush were Saira Banu and Mumtaz whom he admire the most. His first partner in the theatres from where he started his journey to stardom is Amrita who is also his childhood friend.

The first film he signed is Hema Malini’s Dil Aashna Hai but most of the people thinks that its Deewana with Divya Bharti.

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