Things that you can do at Home to Prevent Skin Cancer


While the pollution level is raising every year, there has been a great demand of many cosmetic creams that claims that they prevent you from skin causing ailments and the cost is too high that many can’t even efford.

This would be the perfect article for you if you have a limited budget and you want everything to do at home and that too with home remedies.

This article will teach you how to prevent your skin from being burnt and to avoid skin cancer that is going to be a big headache for everyone.
1.Keep an Umbrella with you whenever you go during Sunniest Day


Always keep an Umbrella with you no matter at what time it would be, you have to do this to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. UV rays have a very short wavelength and thats why it reaches to to the muscle level of the skin and damages the layers.


2.Avoid Sunburn as Much as Possible


If you are worry about Sunburn that regularly apply Aloevera cream as it keeps ths kin smooth and also the coat of the cream prevents UV rays from reaching to the tissues of skin.

3.Coverup your hands and face when you go out

Coverup your face and hands whenever you go outside and wear light color dresses, by covering up, the UV rays won’t reach to the skin cells and wearing light color dresses will reflect the rays.


4.Apply Sunscreen Cream

Keep this in mind to apply sunscreen cream daily whenever you go outside, sunscreen prevents harmful UV rays from reaching skin cells and you will be safe from sunburn.


5.Avoid Tanning


Tanning means darkening of skin, this actually happens due to expessive exposure to sunlight. Drink plenty of water so as to retain liquid inside the body as well drink energetic drinks like Coconut Water or Curd(Sweet or Sulty doesn’t matter).