These FAKE Directors Creating Trouble For Bollywood In This Way

FAKE Directors6_Fotor_Collage

In a recent investigation by some agencies, some unknown fake directors are directly or indirectly creating trouble for the Bollywood Industry by luring young females. They are continuously uploading some hot videos, fake interview with the newcomers, fake cast and crew, fake cameraman and so on.

Continuously these hidden directors are blamed but no strict action against them. The videos are highly sexual and spreading viral. Mostly in the Youtube these fake directors have created so many channels and through them they are spreading these nasty things.

There is one video on Youtube named ‘Screentest to become heroine’ and that video has already crossed 2.80 lacs views. Some promonent persons are doing this thing just for earning money and due to this many thinks there is a dark side of Bollywood that uses innocent girls.

Just take a look at some of the pics: