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These exercises can boost up your sex life


After marriage or before marriage, bliss in sexual life plays a very vital role in everyone’s life and its important to keep up steadey.

In many couples, where there is no sex, gives rises to so many problems like divorce, depression, and so on.

Here are some exercises which if you will do regularly can give raise to stamina and more power and hence more pleasure while having sex with your partner.

1. Do crunches to boost your sex life
Belly fat can hinder your sex life. Do crunches to get tonned abs.


2. Do planks to enhance your performance in bed
Planks help in building resistance in the abdominal area. Do atleast 3 sets in a day for 30 seconds each.


3. Play games like football and tennis to improve your sex life
Playing sports boosts your testosterone levels which improves your sex life.


4. Weight training boosts your sex life
Weight training can improve your sex life significantly.


5. Running helps in enhancing your performance in bed
Running strengthens your leg muscles and boosts your stamina. It keeps you energetic and improves your sex life.


6. Skipping boosts your sex life
Skipping strengthens your legs and releases endorphins, which in turn puts in mood to get naughty between the sheets.