These are the Amazing performers at Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony


Finally the time has come for the biggest sports event ever, yes the Rio Olympics 2016 and on the opening ceremony we got to see some of the most amazing performers.

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The sexy pop artist Anitta, 23, and musician-turned-politician Gil Gilberto, 74 along with Caetano Veloso, 73 are the main personalities of attraction.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Anitta said, “The whole world will be watching, and that’s very important for me. I come from the ghetto in Brazil where we don’t have a lot of career opportunities.”

“I’m sure my family and people who live there never imagined that one day I’d become a singer and be able to perform at an event like the Olympics,” she added.