These 10 quotes by Shah Rukh Khan proves him as the Baadshah


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I’m truly stumped by some of these comments and might I tell you, you’ll be too because at the end of the day, the King sure has done justice to his throne! These excerpts from his interview with a leading magazine will make your day!


“I want to be Batman”


Honestly, who doesn’t? But yes, Khan Sir sure has bigger chances of being Batman and we so hope he becomes Batman because his philanthropic nature clearly shows that he is Bruce Wayne with a lady by his side! He also said, “If I wanted to wake up as myself every morning, I wouldn’t be an actor.

I want to be Batman in the morning. I want to be Superman. I want to be Raj, Rahul, the guy in the blood-spattered white vest with a gun in his hand and a girl by his side.”

“I don’t want to be me. So if I loved myself so much, why would I be an actor?”

Well said Mr. Khan. We all wish to be in someone else’s shoes and see life from their perspective and what better way to experience many a personalities than in acting? Better yet, to lead the life of one! Keeping the option of schizophrenia aside, wouldn’t it be awesome to be a different person every day?

“Publicly, I’m fantastically confident but sometimes I get weirded out by all the attention.”

Now would you believe that? SRK gets weirded out by all the attention! People love Shah Rukh Khan, some even dislike him, but it’s always the love that grabs his attention. And by getting weirded out, that is one phase that I can relate to because with all the confidence engulfing you, there’s always this weird feeling that you feel when given attention.

“They have to offer me something that doesn’t disrespect my audience of 1.2 billion. I’d never disrespect that.”

This is with respect to receiving an acting call from the West. Lots of Indian celebrities have been offered roles and with several artists making a good name for them out in the West, we did wonder why would King Khan stick to his native land? Why not explore the West opportunities just like Anil Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra? But SRK knows that his audience is important and the roles that should be offered to him should be based on what his fans would like! This clearly shows how much his fans mean to him.

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“Unless somebody writes a film with a 50-year-old Indian in the lead… something like The Pianist… or a brown Bond… Until then the chances of Shah Rukh Khan going to Hollywood are slim.”

Well, that explains it all. Khan is definitely aware of his age and thinks that unless someone makes a Hollywood film centring Shah Rukh Khan as the lead, just the way his fans like it, he won’t be giving Hollywood a nod.

Here’s something you didn’t know SRK owned in his wardrobe; A Dolce and Gabbana T-shirt with Monica Bellucci’s face printed on it! Gauri Khan may be his lady love but even she’s got competition as the Dilwala declares that Monica Bellucci is the love of his love! Wow!

“I didn’t look trustworthy enough to be a romantic hero.”

Here, the actor takes us back on the memory wagon as he discusses his days as a villain and how with DDLJ, he suddenly became a heartthrob romantic hero! In fact, his producer friend Ratan Jain thought that the scene on the bridge when he’s willing Kajol to turn back that he would push her off the bridge! The bad guy then has become all goody goody now, don’t you think?

Did you also know that Khan the Actor is Khan the Star’s biggest fan? Looks like all the people out there claiming to be SRK’s biggest fans need to stand in the line as Khan’s biggest fan is he himself! Now, before you interpret him to be a narcissist, he mentions that Khan the Actor is Khan the Star’s biggest fan!

Oh and not to forget, how much he wants his daughter to be a movie star. “I’d be thrilled if she was on the cover of Vogue. I want her to be an actor, to act as raw as possible. I want her to do everything I didn’t do.”

Isn’t that adorable? Daddy dearest wanting his daughter to strut in his paths to stardom!

“I would have liked to do a more mature love story with Kajol, you know, where I’m 45 and she’s 40.”

Filmmakers? Are you listening? Wouldn’t that be the most romantic film in SRK’s career? After doing a mature love story, Khan really complete the cycle of romantic movies with Kajol. And honestly, I’d love to watch a mature romance between the two!

“Darling, every young girl would come with me.”

Before you put those evil shenanigans in your head to work, the reference Shah Rukh is relating to the young actresses he has launched like Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone and how much respect they have for him in their heart.

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