The Ultimate Jeans Guide to look SLIMMER


While buying jeans you wish to look smiller and taller.Many times it does not comply to your expectations.This is the ultimate guide, take a look before you go for shopping .Shopping for denim doesn’t have to be an exercise in exhaustion. Know the styles and brands that fit and flatter, and you’ll look thinner, taller, trimmer

1.Pear Shape

“I’m frustrated by my pear shape — if jeans are roomy enough for my hips, the waist is too big”

Before: Too tight, too tapered — and tucked into chunky, clunky boots.

2.Pear Shape: After

Both the body-friendly fit and the finish of these tailored denim trousers ($132, Cj by Cookie Johnson) cater to Aimee’s curves: The contoured cut (it’s higher in back) won’t gape at the waist, and the wider leg balances her hips.

Bonus: The tone-on-tone stitching creates a long, lean line.

3.Flat Butt

“My behind is as flat as a board! I want a cute booty”

Before: High-waisted mistake — saggy, baggy, and barely even blue

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4.Wide Hips

“I end up with low-slung styles to fit my hips — and I’m sick of flashing cheek cleavage”

Before: Frumpy, faded, and fighting her flirty figure

5.Thick Thighs

“I’m always battling my thick thighs. Any jeans that are fuller in the leg?”

6.Thick Thighs, After

Constructed for curve management, these stretchy flaw-fixers ($120, NYDJ) accommodate Alex’s extra inches.

Adding to the slenderizing effect: the deep, dark rinse.

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