The 10 Very Odd Creatures that exist you never knew before

These creates looks absolutely very odd and you might be surprised to see they actually exist, these are very rare so the wildlife and marine life conservation authorities are giving lots of attention and care to preserve these species.

1.Pink Fairy Armadillo

pink-fairy-armadillo pink-fairy-armadillo1

Pink fairy armadillos are nocturnal burrowing mammals endemic to the xeric environment in central Argentina. They have been found south of Mendoza province as well as north of Rio Negro and south of Buenos Aires.
This narrow range contains a unique and crucial habitat for the pink fairy armadillo. It lives in scrubby grasslands that displays the variety of thin shrubs of creosobush and Portulaca plants during spring and summer periods. It also resides in sandy plains and dunes. The Mendoza region has both warm and cold seasons, and likewise, a wet and dry season. These varying average temperatures are the subject for the armadillo to adapt to. An average high during the warm season is approximately 26.6°C (80 °F) and the cold season might only have a high of 15.5°C (60 °F) with an average low of 2.2°C (36 °F).