Tamasha quick movie review

The beautiful and dainty Deepika Padukone is in misery as she has lost her passport, while in Corsica. She needs to make a phone call to India, and is helped by the impulsive Ranbir Kapoor. The two soon get talking, but instead of introducing themselves to one another like normal human beings do, these two pretend to be Teja( RK) and Mona Darling( Dippy).  They decide to hide their identities, make believe, not fall for one another and never see each other again. In one day, or rather an hour, the two become besties.


Throughout their Corsica journey, the two chill together, go sightseeing and spend good time with one another. After a while. Deepika gets her passport, gives RK a passionate kiss, the two part ways, and Deepika leaves for India. A year later, the two meet again in India. At this point we learn that RK in reality is a product manager named Ved, who lives an ordinary, routine life like every other common man. Dippy is Tara, a lady who is head over heels in love with her Don Teja. She confesses her love and the two soon carry forward a conventional relationship where they make love, go for movies, hangout. But…it’s boring for Tara, who realises that she has fallen for Teja, not the product manager Ved.

The beginning of the film is intriguing where RK is shown in his childhood, as this little boy who lives in his world of imagination, filled with stories of Ramayana, Prithvi Raj Chauhan, etc. Cut to Corsica, the filmmaker takes us to the picturesque locales of this city. RK is convincing in his act of being a an actor who likes to be extraordinary with his creativity. Deepika on the other hand hasn’t managed to impress me much so far.