Swaragini: Swara to get arrested; Sanskaar to be a Rockstar!

The makers of ‘Swaragini’ have taken one step forward to make this serial more interesting as now in the next episode the viewers will see Swara get arrested.

This is really shocking to see a love triangle has already started revolving around Swara, Sanskaar and Sahil. Swara can’t remember her past and Sahil has already entered her life and this is raising the woos of Sanskaar.

Sahil, who has turned into an obsessive lover of Swara, would learn about Kisan’s real identity and would try to expose him.

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In the upcoming episode the viewers will see Swara’s mother-in-law Sujata calling the police to get Swara arrested.

When Sanskaar would see Swara get arrested due his deeds he will turn into a Rockstar Kisan and return to the Maheshwari family. Meanwhile, Sahil, who desperately wants to win Swara’s trust, will try his best to reveal Kisan’s real identity to her.

And now it will be the turn of Sharmistha who will turn into a villian to make the life of Ragini and Lakshya’s life in trouble.