Swaragini: Swara panicked after Sanskaar fall from stairs


As we all know Swara has lost her memory and she can’t remember her past and specially Sanskaar.

The upcoming episode of Swarigini will show Swara reaching Maheshwari’s house to know whether Ragini is pregnant or not.

Swara thinks Sanskaar as a murderer as she had seen Sanskaar holding a gun in her past.

While coming downstairs Sanskaar all of a sudden falls and seeing this Swara got panicked, as soon as she got her sense she remebered Sanskaar has murdered someone she ran away from him.

Swara stood up wipe her hands and asks Ragini to take her away from Sanskaar, soon after Swara went from that place Sanskaar started thinking although Swara thinks him as a murderer, still then care about him.

This raises a hope in the heart of Sanskaar that Swara will soon get back her memory and he will get back his lady love.