Swaragini: Is it true? Ragini is pregnant?


For Colors TV viewers, a happy moment is coming very soon. Ragini and her husband Lakshya are going to become proud parents.

Just hold on.. There is actually something that will really make you upset. Actually this will be a fake story soon. Ragini played the fake drama in order to save Sharmistha who is pregnant but her in-laws are not happy about this news.

So, Ragini will spread a false news that she is too pregnant and when Sharmistha will give birth to a baby then Ragini with her husband Lakshya will adopt the child in order to save Sharmistha.

On the other hand an inclination towards Sahil started growing in Swara’s mind, this deeply hurts Sanskaar and he decides to be a Rockstar in order to impress his lady love.