Sussane Khan finally breaks her silence why she divorced Hrithik

Hrithik Roshan and Sussane Khan loved each other since their childhood and slowly this love transformed into a bond that is called as marriage.

Slowly everyone started to take this lovely couple as the best jodi in bollywood film industry. But after a long 17 years marriage, suddenly we heard a shocking news that Sussane Khan is going to divorce Hrithik.

At first it was really such a shock to everyone and no one could believe how this happened although both were in deep love for each other.

Linkup rumours of Hrithik with Kangana Ranaut and Sussane with Arjun Rampal was a big news and everybody thought this might be the reason of split.

Nor Sussane or Hrithik came forward to say the actual reason behind their divorce. During the ongoing controversy of Hrithik with Kangana, Sussane shared a pic with her Ex-husband on twitter that proved that although their marriage ended but still than she mainatined a best friend relationship with him, to save him from all troubles.

When it comes to their kids both Hrithik and Sussane have never left any stone unturned continue their parental responsibilities.

During a recent inteview with a magazine finally Sussane speaks-up about the actual reason for their divorce. She said, “after spending 17 years finally both of us decided to live apart as we didn’t want to live in a false relationship.”

“we respect each other and both of us know our responsibilities towards our kids,” she added.

When she was asked whether she would again patch up with Hrithik, to this she said, “there is no question of patch up but we are best friends and this friendship relation will last forever.”

Really hats off to you Sussane for such a truthful and respectable answer. We also hope that you both stay happy forever.