Sushant Singh Rajput’s hot new avatar on a mag cover

He is on the cover of this month’s popular entertainment magazine and boy, he has killed it with his long hair, dyed stubble and that deep, penetrating eyes! He is sporting a grunge look and needless to say , we completely dig it! Best quality about Sushant is that he pull off both: rebel and boy-next-door looks with equal elan and grace. Fangirls, be careful! You will get some pretty explicit dreams about this man if you look at this picture too closely!


It is really hard to comprehend that Sushant is about to get engaged to his long time girlfriend and television actress Ankita Lokhande! They are getting married in a year.

Did we hear your hearts breaking? We bet we did.

Magazine cover says that Sushant is ‘ready to hit the ball out of the park’ . They are referring to his ambitious Dhoni biopic of course. We really can’t wait to see Sushant in the film for it has indeed been a long time since he has charmed us with his mesmerising presence on screen.

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