Sunny Leone’s These 10 Controversial Statements Are Very Shocking To Hear

Sunny Leone's One Night Stand

Sunny Leone’s One Night Stand was released on Friday. In the film Sunny has given so many bold scenes that makes the film more hot. Started her career as a porn actress and now a bollywood star, Sunny has given lots of controversial comments that gives raise to lots of agitation among the people of India.

Here are the 10 controversial statements that Sunny Leone has given till now, take a look:

1.In an interview with a news channel Sunny Leone said, “I don’t have a sad story, i was neither raped nor beaten.”

2.”Initially i was feeling alone, people use to stare at me lots of time, the A-stars did not wish to work with me neither their wives allowed their husbands to work with me.”

3.”Indian ladies- no need to fear of me, i will not snatch your husband as i have my own husband as i am married.”

4.”Rape is not a crime but surprise sex.”

5.”I don’t regret about my past, i was a porn star and that helped me to reach Bollywood.”

6.”Indian society is judgemental and people judge me with respect to my past.”

7.”During an award funtion i was to go with an actress/actor on the stage but ultimately i was denied.”

8.”If you are a porn star and think this as a business then no one can use you.”

9.”I have done One Night Stand during my college life, those who deny are liers.”

10.”According to me men are the same in every corner of the world, the difference is their culture, my parents have given me lots of love, my Father has always been with me and he loves my mother so much.”