Sunny Leone and I make a good jodi : Rajniesh Duggall


You seem to have a lot of ishq and love in your career!
Yes, I know. Probably because I am a romantic at heart (laughs). On a serious note, yes it’s interesting actually. I first worked Karisma Kapoor on Dangerous Ishq. I have done a Banarasi rom-com Direct Ishq, which is my next release and then I am currently in between Beimaan Love, which is a dark romantic film with Sunny Leone! So, I suppose there is a lot of ishq and love right now!


Two films with Sunny Leone! Is Sunny turning out to be your favourite?
She is very good to work with.

We have worked in Ek Paheli Leela and it was appreciated. A lot of producers have been calling for films that feature both of us together. So, I would definitely say that, yes, we do make a good jodi.

You have a lot of steamy scenes with her. What does your wife say?
Of course, there were steamy scenes in Leela and there are some steamy scenes in Beimaan Loveas well. But my wife Pallavi knows this is acting, and I know this is acting. Sunny knows it is acting.

I don’t see any reason to go by other people’s judgments. We are within limits and its fine.

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You also did some TV. Would you take a Bigg Boss or something like that?
Khatron Ke Khiladi was a great experience. I had also done a musical show called Ramleela – Ajay Devgn Ke Saath. That was my first experience with TV and it was an amazing experience.KKK is something I always wanted to do as I love adventure. But Bigg Boss is something I would not be able to do. I don’t like getting confined into a certain space with other people, 24×7, for such a long time. But there are some other interesting non-fiction shows that have come to me. You might just see me in a mini-series soon!

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